Wiley Dave

by Dave McC
(Southampton, Ontario)

Southampton, Ontario (Lake Huron) Beacon Lane. 4:00 AM Dec 4, 2010.

This morning I looked out our front window and watched a beautiful light grey Coyote lope slowly along the road in front of our house. I expect Mr/Ms coyote was looking to be snacking on cats in the neighbourhood.

We back onto an environmental protected wooded area and a small stream runs about 30 metres behind us.

There seem to have been more sightings this year than in recent years, though this was the first for us this close to the house.

I think we'll be watching our small grand children more closely now when they visit. They're sweet kids and would make a lovely snack!

Thank you so much for the report of your Coyote sighting - you are right to keep your eye on small children - we wouldn't want Wiley Coyote nibbling on one of them!

Joking aside, these animals could be a danger to small children and small pets, so it is best to be aware when you are in an area where they are known to live.

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