Wild dog or Coyote in Doon area of Kitchener

by Shane
(Kitchener, Ontario, Canada)

Shane from Kitchener wrote to say ..... I was driving through the Doon area about 11:00 pm last night, which some parts are surrounded by Forests (which unfortunately are coming down as more houses are being built), until I saw a wild-dog run across the road.

At first I thought it was someone taking their dog for a walk, but it's behavior was erratic, it was very energetic just moving all around the place, and then it ran back to the other side of the road and was just casually walking down the sidewalk.

It saw something just in a little bush next to the sidewalk and it pounced on it, probably was a mouse or something.

The wild-dog looked a lot like the animal in this item in a blog which I found while trying to find out what it was Jessica Ingold - Blog

Was it a coyote?

It was alone. And very aware of it's surroundings, when I opened the window to try to take a picture from across the street, it immediately locked onto where the sound of the window opening came from.

I spoke to a friend of mine, who lives nearby, and he told me they were 'Bush-wolves', I'm not really sure where he got that term from, but had a look online but could not find anything.

I've never seen any sort of wild-dog around here, I didn't even think we had them here as it is quite an expanding residential area (with some forests).

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May be Coywolf
by: Anonymous

Today I have seen one in Homer Watson park, it was white and huge like a Wolf.

Wild dog or Coyote
by: Anonymous

It may also have been a Coywolf (Hybrid). Coyotes have bred with Grey Wolves in Algonquin Park. There was a program not long ago I watched on David Suzuki's Nature of Things called Meet the Coywolf. You can probably Google it and see it on-line.

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