White Wolf sighting in Milton Ontario

by Lena
(Milton, Ontario, Canada)

It's March 10, 2014 at 10:30 pm, I just took my small dog out in front of my house and I saw a white Wolf cross from the west side of Tremaine Rd just north of Derry to the east side where all the new houses are and where I live.

It ran out of the trees in the field onto the side walk on the west side of Tremaine Rd.

I lost sight of it quickly because I was trying to get my little dog back to my house fast.

After I had my dog safe inside my house my husband and I went in the front porch for a smoke and we could hear many Coyotes screaming coming from the field where the Wolf ran out from.

We also heard some almost barking noises and a lot of commotion in the field.

I am sure that I saw a Wolf.

I am wondering if the Wolf was running from a pack of Coyotes.

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March 30th
by: Anonymous

My husband saw a white wolf today as well near the bridge being constructed in the new builds. Having two small dogs and kids it's a bit unsettling.

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