White Wolf, Eastern Ontario

by D. Leblanc
(Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

Was driving home tonight and we are pretty sure we saw a white Wolf.

We were on a country road and spotted a white animal In the middle of the road (near Prescott, Ontario).

We stopped and it stayed right in front of us.

At first we thought it might be a dog, but the more we looked and it looked at us, we're pretty sure it was a Wolf. It then walked into the field. But it must have stays in front of us for a good minute!

Are there white Wolves on Ontario? Eastern Ontario to be specific?

Would love to know more about it.

I did get a picture, but it's a bit blurry.

Oh yes, there are Wolves in Eastern Ontario, and I'm pretty sure you saw one of them!

They can range in colour from black, through brown and beige, to white.

Thank you so much for writing to tell us about your Wolf encounter!

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Saw a white wolf
by: Anonymous

While driving on August 12th 2022, I saw a white wolf on the shoulder of the 401 in Grafton, Ontario.

White Wolf
by: Anonymous

I just saw a White Wolf in 14 mile creek in Oakville. Beautiful and scary August 2021

White wolf
by: Anonymous

I saw one tonight near Rockland and I am sure it was a white wolf. Wednesday 1:30 am July 15, 2020.

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