White pigeon with dark grey/black tip on tail

by Marie Poisson
(Battersea, Ontario, Canada)

This white pigeon has been spending the last two weeks with us.

We live in the country and it has been hanging around with our ducks and poultry.

It looks lonely and lost... Can someone identify this bird for us and explain to us why it is staying with us?

Okay, I do have a little experience with pigeons! This looks like a regular pigeon, probably a homing pigeon that may have been released for a race, or perhaps it has just escaped and may not know its way home.

We have a flock of around 15 white homing pigeons which we release at Weddings and Funerals, and occasionally one will go missing and turn up a day or so later.

Is there a way you could put an ad in the local paper, or send them this picture and ask them to run it to see if anyone has lost a bird.

She probably feels safe at your place as when she is flying around, she is at risk of being caught by a hawk, so staying with you must seem like a good idea, especially if there is corn around, or other grains for your animals.

Good luck, I hope you find where she lives!

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