What are these birds?

by John Rice
(St Thomas, Ontario, Canada )


I am trying to find out the name of the birds that flock together on the side of the road in the winter time.

Lots of people call them snow birds but I do not think that is what they are.

I don't have any picture to post but anyone that has driven down the highway in the winter has seen these flocks of birds.

Thanks for writing to us John - this is a good question.

The birds are here in this area through the winter and are hard to spot because they are usually sitting in snow-drifts or in the snow covered fields, and when they fly you only see their white feathers.

The birds are called Snow Buntings and they spend the winter here, then go to the far north to their breeding grounds in the spring.

I will also post this on our facebook page so that other people can see it and comment on it.

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by: Anonymous

As said by the other comments, your little winter friend is a Snow Bunting.

aka, "Snow Bunnies."
by: Frank

There is a saying regarding the viewing of flocks
of Snow Buntings, (Snow Bunnies),..."No snow, No show." Your particular photographed bird is an adult male, already beginning to molt into its summer breeding plumage. They are good looking bird.

What are these birds?
by: Alexis

This little bird is a Snow Bunting.

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