What a treat

by Gayle & Dave Cate
(New Lowell, Ontario, Canada)

Two of our readers sent us this report of their Eagle sighting - We were driving on our road near Base Borden, heading towards Barrie, Ontario.

From a distance we saw a large bird at the side of the road eating.

As we got closer it looked quite large and when we got up to it, you can imagine our surprise when we saw it was an Eagle.

We watched him for a moment from only a few feet away and then he flew past us.

It was the thrill of a life time.

We have never seen one free, only in a cage.

I can hardly believe we were given a chance to see one free and up close!

Gayle and Dave Cate

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What a Thrill
by: Anonymous

I know what a thrill it can be!

I have seen two, one adult in November about four years ago flying across a Sod farm at highway 9 and 400.

I stopped my car, got out, and it flew directly over me, making eye contact.

I also saw a juvenile, all brown, fly over me at highway 88 and 400 last April. It was flying with the wind, south and circling about 100 meters or so.

I've also seen Peregrines in Bradford surroundings.

Bald Eagle sighting near Cookstown
by: Rck Vanderlinde

Large adult Bald Eagle sighted and photographed near Cookstown, Ontario.

The closest body of water is Lake Simcoe, about 25 kilometres away.

See www.simcoe.com for photos and story.

Eagle in Innisfil
by: Anna

Yesterday mid-afternoon, Saturday Feruary 12, 2011, I saw my first Bald Eagle.

I live in Alcoa very close to Lake Simcoe.

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