Well there is at least one Possum in Simcoe

by Jim & Darlene Cherry
(Simcoe, Ontario, Canada)


During the Thanksgiving weekend I put some left over Turkey and an aluminium pie plate on the patio for a stray cat that wandered around the yard periodically.

This cat seemed as though it was pregnant and I didn't want it to starve. I continued to do this each night and added some milk to the plate for add strength.

On occasions we would see the cat but never eating from the plate. I would check frequently but it would never come on a regular basis.

This changed on November 24th just after dusk. I shone the flashlight from the patio door on in the area and there, was what looked like an over-sized rat (but better looking).

I didn't know what is was but after searching the web I was able to determine that is was a Possum. (really cute)

We have lived in our house here in Simcoe, Ontario, for over nine years and this is the first time we were able to see this little creature. I couldn't get a good picture of it as I was trying through a window and only got flashback.

The little guy when in the spot light just kept on eating, actually put it's paw on the corner of the plate to tip it so the milk would go to one corner and just cleaned it thoroughly.

So much for the cat, I guess it just sat back and watched although my wife did hear some commotion a few days ago and it looks like our friend won.

Anyway, it was a treat to have seen this character in action.

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