Welcome To Scarborough 401 and Neilson Rd.

by Mary
(Scarborough, Ontario, Canada)

My cat just gave the Opossum the best and loudest salute.

He has a long hairless tail and one longish nose.

Not So pretty in my eyes, especially when it is usually Raccoons I see.

OMG they are here too.

Very slow in travelling and up the trunk of the large tree he went, Yes it was a Opossum Not Santa!

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Cute but be Careful
by: Janine H

Possums can be quite cute BUT don't get too close to them as they can turn quite nasty. Came across one in cottage country - we stayed at the Carriage Ridge resort which was quite nice and affordable for a family through Suitelife Vacations for a good sized suite and it was close to the resort area - don't know if they bite but for sure their snarl is enough to discourage further dealings with them. Also it's kind of nice that the country is coming so close to the city but this may be due to necessity of the animal's natural habitat being eaten away by progress - a sort of win-lose proposition!

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