Vultures and Hawks in Kitchener-Waterloo

by Sarah
(Kitchener, Ontario, Canada)

On March 29th I went out around 5:15 to walk my dog and spotted a group of about 10 - 15 Vultures with red faces or heads flying low.

I live across from a marsh area and they seemed to be circling around looking for something.

The marsh is small and it's definitely a residential area, not a country area, but not far away are some surrounding country towns.

They circled around and went high into the sky. I followed them for about 30 minutes as they flew higher and continued to circle.

They kept changing location and didn't get any closer to the ground, and they were too far away for a good picture.

They looked huge which is why I first noticed them when they were flying low, and very distinct from other black birds in the area.

I didn't know vultures were in this area and was really surprised.

I'd been watching the sky a bit more because 2-3 weeks ago I spotted a brown and white hawk hanging out around the marsh across the street.

I've seen the Hawk maybe 5 times. It seems to stick around the same area, sitting on a street light or in a few small trees nearby. I haven't been able to get close enough to determine which kind it is.

Any ideas?

Thanks for your report of your bird sightings - perhaps one of our readers from the K-W area might know what the hawk was, but I'm pretty sure that the large black bird with the red head, was a Turkey Vulture, as they are quite distinctive and the behaviour while flying is typical.

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Black and White Hawk
by: Anonymous

My neighbor and I saw three of the above-noted birds flying very low and one of them stopped on my roof for a second. They flew around the neighbourhood for half an hour in Forest Heights on July 2nd at around 4 pm. They were very large and never have I ever seen any bird swoop so close to us, let alone a hawk! It was beautiful to see. They seemed to have white spots close to the outer tips of the wings.

I wonder if you observed Turkey Vultures, they are black and white and they are plentiful at this time of year.

Hawk sighting just now
by: Anonymous

A Hawk was just siting on my BBQ on my deck in Beachwood North area, Waterloo. Beige-ish brown and very beautiful.

Peregrine Falcon
by: Irene

What you're probably seeings is a Peregrine Falcon. They're everywhere in Kitchener-Waterloo.

Rough legged Hawk
by: Tammy

I have also noticed some of these hawks and at first I thought were immature Red Tails till I got a picture and google online. They are actually Rough Legged Hawks. Never heard of the species so I was happy to learn something new. You can tell a Red Tail from Rough-legged by the tail if you are lucky to get close to see. The Rough Legged Hawks hang around Laurier area a lot, and I haven't seen many Red Tails in the area. I came from Bruce county where Red Tails are common and finding out about these Rough Legs was cool.

Red Tailed
by: Brent

It's most likely a Red Tailed Hawk I see them everywhere here in Kitchener.

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