Vulture in a old barn

by Marieke D.
(Amherstburg, Ontario, Canada)

Vulture in Amherstburg, Ontario

Vulture in Amherstburg, Ontario

Amherstburg, August 13 2018

For a couple of weeks I've seen something move in this old abandoned barn but couldn't figure out what it could be.

It turns out to be a vulture that has been hiding in there for at least couple of weeks or so, every time I walked by there it hid behind a pile of straw until today.

It let me walk up pretty close to where it was sitting. It's missing the red colouring on the head, maybe a juvenile, I don't know.

For sure a magnificent and very useful bird to have around.

Thank you for writing to tell us of your Vulture sightings, and I think you're probably right and this is a juvenile Turkey Vulture, and these are interesting pictures.

I will also post this on our Facebook page so that our Facebook followers can also read it and maybe someone will also be able to give us a definite identification of this bird.

You will also find it on our Website Blog.

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