Very large yellow bird with flat head

by Nancy Semple
(Collingwood, Ontario, Canada)


Walking in Collingwood along a trail, I saw this large (30" tall) bird sitting on the fence.

I thought it was a stuffed animal but when I realized it was a bird, I was quite shocked.

He had yellow legs and talons and a flat head and pointed bill.

He was overlooking a pond, so I'm thinking it is a fisher, but have never seen anything like it.

Any ideas?

Hello Nancy - I think what you saw was a Black Crowned Night Heron and here is a link to the website All About Birds - Black Crowned Night Heron.

I will also post this on our facebook page so that our facebook followers can also enjoy your pictures..

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Black Crowned Night Heron
by: Anonymous

Hello! That seems to be a black crowned night heron. Usually found by water if you want to see more . 😃 🦢

Another sighting of the Black Crowned Night Heron
by: Corinne

I spotted a Black Crowned Night Heron in the tree tops of the Cranberry Golf Course in Collingwood, today May 19, 2021. Quite a large bird and a beautiful sight. I would like to upload the picture I got but there does not seem to be a way.

Hi Corinne, if you go to our "Waterfowl" section, there is a place where you can tell us all about the Black Crowned Night Heron that you spotted, and you can also include pictures!

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Black-crowned Night-Heron ID link
by: Frank

Nancy: Wonderful find for that area of the province. This species has been expanding its range northward over the past few years.
I have attached a link to the Ontario Field
Ornithologists checklist photo gallery for this
species so that you may view various plumage
and poses of this type of Heron.

Happy birding.

Bird identification
by: Alison

Definitely a black crowned night heron.

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