Various Owls across Ontario

by Gary Curl, Lesley B, Tina, Jordan Stasiuk, Ami, Wyn Davies, Charlene Newton, Toni
(Scarborough, London, Aylmer, Hamilton, Windsor)

Gary Curl from Scarborough wrote to us recently to say .....In fall 2012 I was walking in the Highland Creek valley in Scarborough when I observed a grey lump in the crook of a tree. I walked to the other side of the tree to get a better look. It was a Great Grey Owl. When it spotted me it started a loud croaking sound, almost like what you would expect a giant chicken to make. It then spread it's wings (massive wing span) and swooped down towards me. I was about 15' away and I ducked just as it glided over my head. WOW. Very scary.

Lesley B from London said ..... Last night, about 1:00 am I was watching TV with my bedroom window open. I heard an owl outside my window, and was quite surprised, as my TV was on. I immediately turned off the TV and enjoyed the comforting sounds and drifted off to sleep.

Tina from Aylmer reported ..... We were sitting out in our back yard, when we heard a howl sound in the back yard. When we went to follow the sound we spotted a small owl in a tree. Tried to get a picture but it was swift and moving in the tree. Will keep our ears out for it and try and get a picture.

Jordan Stasiuk said ..... Last week there was an owl in my backyard. My neighbours, who were the first and only people to see it as of yet, said it was about 2 feet tall and fairly thick. They also said they saw it standing on the ground and on the end of a log, at about 5 am. My brother, who is an engineering student in third year at university, put up an owl house in the backyard amongst the trees and growth last year. I hope the owl has taken up residence in the house because I'd like to see it myself and welcome it into the neighbourhood, and my life.

Ami, from Hamilton wrote to tell us .....On November 28th around 7:30 pm I heard a "hoot-hoot" from the back yard, in a tree, there was an owl. I could not see it clearly, as it was quite high up in the tree. I live on Limeridge Road w in Hamilton. I have never heard or seen anything like that before.

Wyn Davies said ..... On the evening of December 22nd 2014, I walked into my bedroom. It was dark outside, lights were on, shades up. I eased towards a shape in the window; then stopped dead in my tracks. He looked at me, I looked at him, and the flight that followed was wondrous! I live in a condo with 154 units. The windows are very large, no balconies, just a window ledge. I've never seen an owl up close before, and a sense of well-being, and gratitude of experiencing something so beautiful still gives me chills. How fortunate for me; he chose my windowsill!! He looked like the fourth owl from the left, but I don't know the name.

Charlene Newton from Windsor, Ontario told us ..... A few weeks back I got up n the morning and looked out our deck door and saw something huge siting a couple of doors down on my neighbors chain link fence. I said to my husband what in hetherington world is that? As I studied it and saw how it moved it's neck in jerky motions, I realized it was an owl. It must have been an adult because if was very large, I live on Bertha Street near Riverside Drive and the marina. Sorry I didn't t get a picture. It flew away.

Toni, who is also from Windsor said ..... For a few different nights this past month, I have heard a Screech Owl late at night in my backyard and flying about my neighborhood here in Windsor, Ontario. I haven't been able to see it yet, but I live close to the Oakwood Conservation Area so it probably lives there amongst the beautiful oak trees. It has such an odd and beautiful sound!

Thank you all for writing to tell us about your Own Encounters!

I know our readers will enjoy them as much as we did.

By the way, I think that one is a Great Grey Owl, Wyn.

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