Urban Possums

by Roger H, Rhonda, Donna, Ian T, Irina, SMP, Tim H, Alejandro, Paul, Deakonn, Atif K, Lisa, Pauline, Clive, Tyler S, Linda, Ron
(Toronto, Etobicoke, Georgetown, High Park, Brampton, Burlington, Mississauga, Oakville, North York, Markham, Thornhill, Pickering, Whitby, Oshawa)

City Possum

City Possum

Roger H from Toronto wrote to report ... no pictures I am afraid. It was a still bright six pm in mid March when, what my wife called a strange creature, appeared under our bird feeder. The birds took little notice. I thought it was a Badger but checking that out (and finding on the internet that there were only an estimated 200 in Ontario) we checked for similar animals and came across the opossum. Photos clinched it. I was surprised they could exist this far north and wondered how it had made it through a long and cold winter. It certainly looked healthy enough. I finally clapped my hands and the animal froze for a few seconds, possibly considering playing possum? Then it quickly scuttled away making me feel a little guilty that I had driven it away from the seed and grain droppings under the bird feeder, however, since these marsupials are nocturnal, it may be that he or she will return later when it is dark.

Rhonda from Toronto wrote ... I live at St Clair and Oakwood where it is busy busy. However I have created a very lush garden, front yard, and have a few cherry trees. I was on the phone at 11 pm in a warm summer night tonight and the largest Possum walked right by like he knew where he was going. Around back to my garden probably. I’ve seen small ones before approx 12” or so , this was huge!!! Way larger than my cat. Probably 18” and fat, with the longest tail. It was white with only a bit of grey. It really had a long protruded nose.
It was huge! I missed grabbing a photo. I’ll check again another warm night.

Donna from Etobicoke said ... it was sitting outside on patio and was under a chair, peeked his head out. I stayed still, he looked at me. It was white-ish colour, long nose, looks like a possum. I think it was not full grown as I have seen one before that was the size of a racoon. Lakeshore area, Toronto. This one I saw was at the East Mall Etobicoke. I hope it is gone tomorrow, it scared me. I went inside as soon as I saw it. it was 3 or 4 feet away from me and the door was 2 feet, I quickly opened screen door and went inside.

Ian T wrote ... we live north of Georgetown, Ontario. My dog spotted the Possum, but was on leash. After a few minutes we walked over to the spot we saw the animal, and was surprised that the Possum was still there. Lying very still on the ground. We walked on, and we have no idea he stayed around.

Irina wrote to say ... I saw possum in the parking lot in the High Park Village last week, June 28th. He was just walking slowly around when I saw him. But then my neighbor with his assistant dog approached from around the corner and the possum ran away while I was trying to fetch my phone to take a picture, so no pictures, unfortunately, but I am positive it was a possum, I saw him very close and clearly.

SMP from Brampton wrote to tell us ... I have a possum coming along the side of my house here and there for at least the last few months. I was worried about him this past weekend in April during the ice storm. I spotted him in camera last night, April 18. I looked for information and found your website. I will leave some eggs for him. I’ll look up whether they should be cooked or not. Thank-you, it’s nice to see a friendly website like yours. PS there was a possum near the rail line at Eglinton and Jane maybe 10 years ago. It was hiding in a bus shelter during morning rush hour. I managed to move it to a nearby city park.

Tim H from Burlington wrote ... this morning I spotted a pale grey animal about the size of a small cat with straggly fur and a hairless tail. Perfectly healthy just trotting along. This was in Burlington on lakeside park by Lakeshore Rd close to Guelph Line. Have there been other Possum sightings here?

Alejandro from the Mississauga / Oakville area ... I just spotted a Possum in my backyard. He or she didn't look very scared. Looked at me and walked away. Everything happened really fast and I wasn't able to snap a photo.

Paul from Mississauga said ... I have seen several possums in western Mississauga this year, normally when out walking the dog. The largest just froze still when he saw our year and a half old Golden Retriever. Our Golden just wants to make friends with all animals. The possum stood there frozen still for nearly a minute before he scampered off. He was a fair size.

Deakonn from Mississauga wrote ... our dog was barking at 8.30 pm and when we went to investigate it was a possum. It stayed very still for a good 10 minutes before it moved at all and didn't go for about 20 minutes.

Atif K wrote ... I live in Oakville near the intersection of 4th Line and Upper Middle Road. A few days back early at night I had to go out in my backyard. That is when I saw this Possum going across my backyard. Then on Sunday the 27th May when I took my dog out in the early morning, I saw the same Possum on the front street.

Lisa from Oakville spotted one, she said ... in our Blue Bin last night!

Pauline wrote to tell us ... I saw an Opossum this evening in North York, Ontario. We live close to a ravine system, so I imagine that is where it came from.

A reader from Markham wrote ... we couldn't believe our eyes as we watched an Opossum wander around our back yard this past week. Didn't think they were this far north. Neat!

Another reader from Thornhill said ... I spotted one crossing the road in a residential neighbourhood.

Clive from Pickering wrote ... I found a dead Possum in my yard in Pickering. I'm not sure what killed it, it did not have any puncture wounds or bullet holes. I was getting giddy about the find because we have a major tick infestation under way and I would like to encourage possums and raise them here, we have 10 acres of bush surrounded by Hydro Right-Of-Way. Do you have any tips for me?

Tyler S wrote ... coming to you from Whitby, Ontario. I saw an Opossum in my backyard at 3:30 pm on June 6th. It's a bit of an overcast day, which might explain why it was out. Pretty big fella, just smaller than some of the cats I've seen. Sadly it vanished underneath my deck before I could get my camera.

Linda from Oshawa said ... my Golden Retriever was barking like crazy as our little friend just sat on top of the fence staring down at us.

Ron from Oshawa said ... I went out on my back deck tonight at around 10:00. The back light was on so I could see it quite clearly. It saw me and it walked away cautiously.

Thank you all for sending us your Possum sightings, these are very interesting and show how well these creatures are adapting to living in our cold winters and in an urban environment.

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Oshawa Opossum with photo
by: Marion

Very healthy, fast moving so the picture quality is poor. Comes from my security camera.

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