Up close and personal March 21, 2010

by Jennifer Stuber
(London, Ontario, Canada)

Tunda Swans in a puddle.

Tunda Swans in a puddle.

Jennifer, one of our readers from London, Ontario, sent us a beautiful picture, and her report of her Tundra Swan sighting - I saw thousands of Tundra Swans last week on the 21st of March! Here is one photo I took of them, you can see more here
Flickr.com - Jennifer Stuber Pictures

Lots of them were up eating the corn which was awesome, and we got to see them very up close.

I'd like to know if the swans have left yet, I was hoping to see them again this weekend (April 2nd 2010).

Thank you for your beautiful close up picure of the Tundra Swans - I too love to see these magnificent birds. I'm not sure if there are any still around this area, but perhaps some of our readers will know.

Here is a link to Jennifer's website
Jennifer Stuber Photography

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Tundra Swans Around for Easter
by: Jennifer

Thank you Vince! I will definitely be making a trip to see them in Grand Bend next year! This is my first year discovering they even visit Aylmer, but I know I'll be following them next year.

I did decide to take my chances and head up to see if there were any Swans left in the area. I was happy I did, because there were almost 500 still around! The sign stated there were 468 swans today. I spoke to one of the men that feeds them the corn and he said they should be around for two more days possibly.

Today (Friday, April 2, 2010) is the last day they are feeding them, so they will move on now.

I'll be sure to edit and get up some more pictures from today!

Tundra Swans move on
by: Vince

You may catch a few late fliers now though most have moved on. I live in the area outside Grand Bend where about 15,000 of these beautiful birds make a rest stop on their route north.

I'm serenaded 24 hours a day for about two weeks with the honking of their chatter with each other, and the skies and fields around us are covered in white feathered wonders.

Each year there seems to be more, so next year come on up to Grand Bend around March 15th through April 1st, and you'll be delighted with the show they put on.

Thanks, Vince, for the info - maybe Jennifer will head up to Grand Bend next Spring to see the Swans, but I know I will!

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