Uninvited Dinner Guests

by Margaret
(Essex County, Southern Ontario)

We live in a small town outside of Windsor, Ontario, where we have taken on the responsibility of caring for a colony of cats.

Also included with this gentle herd are an adult Possum, two juveniles and one VERY large Raccoon.

This motley crew of strange bedfellows have co-existed for over four years, dining in peace.

My father belonged to a radio controlled airplane group that flew their planes near Amherstburg, and in the early morning hours while cutting the grass, he observed a mother Bobcat with two cubs.

Three years ago we came across a dead Beaver on the road to Windsor who had the misfortune of crossing the highway. I had no idea there were any Beaver to be found in this area.

I certainly believe that there is a diverse group of wildlife in Essex County that honour us with a glimpse of their secret life that we are not often privy to.

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