Two Wolves in Milton

by Shawn Taylor
(Limehouse, Ontario, Canada)

Friday February 14 2014, in the morning while driving to work, I spotted two animals walking in single file near a creek at the intersection of Trafalgar Road and Derry Road in the Town of Milton.

This was quite close to the pair of golf courses on the west side of Trafalgar.

They were two canines, grey with a bushy coat and in very good health.

These were not Coyotes, which we see regularly, nor we're they domestic dogs or coy-dogs which can be mangy.

I'm pretty sure these we're Grey/Timber Wolves but I've never heard of them this far south.

A very cool sighting.

Shawn Taylor
Limehouse, Ont.

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Two wolves tonight S of Milton
by: MacDoc

January 6th 2015 1:00 am - We were out looking at office space and saw something cross the road and it literally made my hackles rise, they were just too big. Initially we thought they were deer but no question, they were Wolves. Could not see that clearly but one stopped and looked around at us. They were running across James Snow Parkway and then up a green belt (pipeline area maybe) between two sets of houses lining the green space. We stopped and I angled the car almost 90 degrees but could not get the headlights on them. One was lighter than the other and one was larger. Also, about 10 years ago I saw a Wolf crossing Trafalgar further south towards Oakville, in daylight - he crossed and ran along the tree line. Distinctive gait and quite a dark colour, I went back and saw where he had lain in the grass regularly at a fence break. Now that one could have been a Coywolf...what we saw tonight were just too big.

morning bike ride
by: Anonymous

Last week (August 25 2014) I was riding my bike in the early morning, coming back to Milton turning north from Britannia to Thompson. This pretty huge "Coyote" sprinted to cross the road from east side to west side. He crossed just a few feet in front of me and it was really big for a Coyote. Pretty scary!

by: Upi Jhaj

I've now seen a massive coywolf 3 times in the Louise St Laurent and Thompson area. In early June it was running down L.S.L., and Freeman, then while sitting outside the new Tim Horton's patio, I watched as it crossed Thompson, in late June.
Now, yesterday, July 25, I saw it running down MY ROAD, .....WINTER CRESCENT AND FERGUSON at 3:30 a.m.
.... this is way too close for comfort.

They are amongst us
by: Anonymous

I am sure I saw four wolves under the Ford Road exit in Oakville one winter morning. Large, silvery with fluffy looking coats. Incredible.

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