Two Possums under my deck in Oakville

by Yas
(Oakville, Ontario, Canada)

On April 04 2013 when I was leaving for work I bent down to pick up my hairband which I dropped a few days ago under the deck steps, and I noticed two big black eyes on a white face were just starring at me.

First I was scared but since I did not see any movement at all I had a second look and I noticed there is one more Possum is leaning against this one and they are both looking very, very relaxed and in a pause mood.

I went back to the house and brought back some bread and pack of small carrots and threw those in front of them under the deck they did not move at all.

Then I took my camera and took 2 pictures of them since I was not sure what they were.

I came to work and showed them to my co-workers and they told me I need to call Animal Control and ask them to come and remove them.

Long story short, someone told me if I just ignore them they will just leave on their own terms and I should not be worried.

By the end of the day when I arrived home, I noticed they are both gone and they only ate all the bread but none of the carrots.

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