Two Large Coyotes near Ballantrae

by Jorge D



I went for a long hike at the Regional Forest today and spotted two very large Coyotes or small Wolves in the wheelchair accessible reforested section between the Hall and Patterson tracts just West of Ballantrae.

They were greish and slender, which makes me believe they were likely Coyotes, instead of Wolves.

I stopped my walk and looked at the first one crossing the trail, who then looked at me and stopped. A second one came from the bushes and stopped and stared at me as well.

They were about 60 feet from me so I held my ground and they moved onto the bushes.

I was quite startled and waited a few minutes to continue my hike. I took a whistle and did two loud beeps. That probably scared them away as I didn't see them again.

Anyone going for walks to the York regional forest, please be mindful of this and keep your pets on a leash preferrably and be prepared in case you encounter the Coyotes.

I am a resident of the area and have heard them at night in the spring and summer howling at dusk and at night on the North side of Aurora Road between Kennedy and McCowan.

I am sure they live somewhere in the Regional Forest.

Safe hikes everyone!

Thanks for the info, I hope you don't mind that I added a picture.

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