Two Large Cats spotted in Lafontaine, Ontario

by Sasha
(Tiny, Ontario, Canada)

Easter Sunday, April 16, 2017 9:18am. My boyfriend and I were driving to my parent's house from our house, which is only about 15 minutes apart.

We were heading through the village of Lafontaine Ontario, and came to a 4-way stop at County Rd 6 and the 16th concession. We continued through the stop heading towards the town of Penetanguishene on the 16th, and a large feline darted across the road.

We did not get a very good look at it as it was about 20 yards ahead of us, but just as we slowed down to see if we could observe it, another large feline ran about 5 yards in front of our truck.

We came to almost a full stop as we watched the large cat dart into the bush after the first one.

I couldn't believe we saw what we saw and we sat there baffled and trying to figure out if that actually just happened.

We returned to the place where we saw the cats with our good friend in tow this time. We took flashlights and cell phones to shine on the ground to look for any type of tracks.

I guess we alerted a gentleman at a nearby home as we were shuffled along by his demeanour.

We plan on returning tomorrow during the day to observe the area more thoroughly for any signs of markings or tracks to confirm the viewing.

I plan to call the M.N.R. tomorrow with our report as well as the local paper to warn the nearby residents and farmers about the large cats.

In 2014 in Midland, Ontario, there were numerous sightings of what were said to be a large cougar which is a neighbouring town of ours. We are hoping to get some answers on what we saw.

Description of animal(s)- large cats, no visible tails, beige and tan in colour with some white markings, extremely fast and agile, the size of a large or extra-latge dog, stocky and feral in nature.

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