Two Bald Eagle sightings at Muskrat Lake

by Brian Horvath & Thomas Hurd

Two of our readers wrote to say they have seen Bald Eagles at Muskrat Lake.

Brian says ..... We have our cottage at the opposite of the lake from Cobden. I was out on the dock on the weekend and a Bald Eagle flew about 100 feet over my head and across the lake and landed in a tree. I just stood there with my mouth dropped. I got a really close look as he passed by, bright white head and tail and golden yellow beak. What a sight. What a way to start the day. I kept watch the rest of the day but never saw him again. Haven't seen it since about two years ago. They are truly majestic creatures. Like living art.

Thomas, from Cobden wrote to say ..... Last week I saw, from our cottage on Muskrat Lake, two soaring Bald Eagles; They were flying a circular pattern over our farm. Earlier my cousin saw what he believed was an immature Eagle perched in a dead tree in a wooded area along the lake shoreline. Comment would be appreciated as we think this is quite exciting.

Thank you, gentlemen, for sending us your reports of Bald Eagles at Muskrat Lake - maybe other readers have seen them too!

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