Turkey Vultures

by Christopher
(Malvern, Ontario, Canada)

Turkey Vulture in flight

Turkey Vulture in flight

In the Malvern neighbourhood in northeastern Scarborough, Turkey Vultures are almost as populous as human beings. It is not uncommon to see upwards of 20+ soaring the thermals together in huge circular/funnel formations above the giant Leon's warehouse and the Nugget Mosque sitting kitty-corner to it, with nary a flapping wing between them.

The area is largely suburban but is blotched with several small glades and forested patches home to a large number of rabbits, squirrels, and other small rodents.

My friends and I have been witnessing this for several years now, something we noticed increasingly in tandem with rising small mammal populations in the area. Rabbit populations have spiked here during this time--there are tiny rabbits bounding around everywhere at certain points during spring and summer, and it is not a surprise to see raptor populations increasing along with it.

We also see Red-Tailed Hawks, Cooper's Hawks, and believe it or not a few of us have seen a pair of Bald Eagles once or twice perched somewhere to seemingly take a little break on their way to their nest (there are a few nests in the Petticoat Creek area and perhaps closer to us than that, although I am unaware of their location).

But it is the 'TVs' who rule the skies in our humble yet vibrant enclave here in our (their) great city's northeastern playground adjacent to the Toronto Zoo.

Hopefully some other enthusiasts from our neighbourhood will pop in and leave a message detailing their own experiences. If possible I can email some pictures for you to peruse?

17449248 © Otto Dusbaba | Dreamstime.com

Thanks for sending this report of your Turkey Vulture sightings.

You can send us pictures to our website through the Turkey Vulture page or directly to me at barbvanharn@sympatico.ca and I will add those pictures to this page.

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