Turkey Vultures Sightings

by Carolyn, Hewett, Andrea, Claire, Tracy, Ed
(Ivy Lea, Crotch Lake, Brighton, Beckwith Township, Severn Falls, Whitby, Bowmanville, Burlington)

Carolyn from Ivy Lea, Ontario, wrote ... we have a pair of vultures that have made our small island near Ivy Lea (between Kingston and Brockville) their home. First time we’ve had them here or even seen them. We believe they are nesting under our cabin and want them gone! They really smell! Do they migrate so we can block the area when they leave?

Hewett wrote ... last August 27th 5:47pm. Spotted from a canoe during a camping trip on the shore of Crotch Lake in the North Frontenac Parklands, Ontario, Canada. (Between Ottawa and Belleville). It was sitting on a rock next to a large dead fish.

Andrea from Brighton, Ontario said ... there are approximately 15 - 16 large Turkey Vultures that have taken up residence in the past 8 weeks or so. They are nesting in three large trees at the front of the park. You can see them sitting on top of the barn theatre and on the roof of Proctor House. They are beautiful very majestic.

Claire Beaudoin wrote ... it was 10:30 am in Beckwith Township, near Carleton Place, Ontario. My husband just tossed some dried bread on our front lawn. We have bird feeders and lots of crows also around. A couple of crows came for the bread but also a Turkey Vulture.

Another reader said ... we saw them in our backyard (down from Severn Falls on the island side) last September. They at the edge of the property by the woods. There were 4 of them. One was digging (we thought it was perhaps nesting) the others were pecking and walking around. They were huge. Kept spreading their wings but not fully.

Tracy Mainwaring from Whitby said ... we were walking in green space between a subdivision and a rail line, we saw two turkey vultures last night, around 7pm. When I spotted the first one on a dead tree, I thought it was a female peacock! Never seen one so close, and not flying. Then the second one joined it. They flew over the train tracks to an industrial area.

Ed Lisinski from Bowmanville wrote ... I saw a group of around ten sitting in tree tops with wings spread in Bowmanville Valley which is in Clarington. Given that is is October 31 (Halloween), it seemed both coincidental and fitting to have seen this. It was also extremely quiet, so it added to the mystique. Pretty cool. I wish I had of taken some photos.

A Reader from Burlington wrote ... we’ve seen two Turkey Vultures over the past couple of days soaring high in the sky and then circling closer down. At first I wasn’t sure of what kind of bird it was and I thought it was a large hawk, however as it circled down closer I realized it was a Turkey Vulture because of its distinguishable red featherless head and large black wing span. It was pretty cool to see!

Thank you all for writing to tell us of your Turkey Vulture sightings.

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I saw one twice
by: Dude905

I couldn't believe what I was seeing at first I thought it was a turkey from a distance but once I got closer I knew the bird was no turkey but rather a turkey vulture. Saw it in Brampton near a public school

Where did they go?
by: Jen

I'm in the Belleville area and have seen progressively fewer turkey vultures over the past year or so. It's wonderful to see them flying and they are an important part of the clean-up crew, but where have they all gone?

Saw 2 Turkey Vultures high in the trees on deerpark and between Hobbs drive Bowmanville. This was last night April 11/2022. They are Huge. They took off before a pic.gliders no flapping so stealthy
by: Anonymous

Saw 2 Turkey Vultures high in the trees on Deerpark and between Hobbs drive Bowmanville. This was last night April 11/2022. They are Huge. They took off before I could take a pic. They just Glided ...no flapping so silent and stealthy. The size was extraordinary though. If I had a small dog I'd be worried.

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