Turkey Vultures Preying on Pets

by Jodie Hamilton
(Stoney Creek, Ontario)

March 21, 2015. We live in Olde Stoney Creek, Ontario.

A group of at least a dozen of these vultures spend the day on the roof of the apartment building at the corner of New Mountain Rd and King St E.

Never had any issues with them until just recently when one flew to within a foot of grabbing our 9 week old puppy from our back yard while my daughter was less than 6 ft away.

She ran at it which diverted its clutching our puppy. Since then, no less than 6 of them have been circling our property at any given time throughout the day.

I totally DISAGREE with you that they only eat dead animals.

I have notified the local authorities in regards to these hunters of neighbourhood pets.

Thanks for your submission to our website - this is interesting as Turkey Vultures are not known to hunt, however, Black Vultures will eat eggs and do hunt small or injured animals.

On our Discover Southern Ontario Facebook page recently, we had a lady who said that she had seen Black Vultures in the Niagara Peninsula, so I wonder if these are what you also saw, because they might try to catch your little dog.

You may have to scroll down the facebook page to find the article and comments from the reader who has seen the Black Vultures.

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