Turkey Vultures on Parade

by Margau, Janice, Marinus
(Midland, Brampton, Georgetown )

Turkey Vulture - Brampton, submitted by Janice

Turkey Vulture - Brampton, submitted by Janice

Margau from Midland wrote to tell us ..... Outside our cottage on Georgian Bay in the township of Tiny, Ontario, at 4.45 pm a Turkey Vulture circled a few times and then landed on our beach 30 metres from our deck and ate the remains of a dead bird killed by a fox. This was August 19th 2014.

Janice from Brampton recently sent us a report and a picture ..... Sitting in my backyard this evening, I couldn't believe my eyes when this beautiful Turkey Vulture was soaring in the sky behind my house. I tried to get a good photo but didn't want to disturb him while he was eating. Very surprised to see this visitor!

On July 11th 2014, Marinus from Georgetown, Ontario, sent us his picture of a Turkey Vulture enjoying the thermals, and he says ..... The picture of the bird in flight is indeed one of the many Turkey Vultures all around this area. I managed to get this close up shot of one. I don't think it will do well in a beauty contest for birds. Nature's garbage collectors.

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