Turkey Vultures Nickel Beach, Port Colborne

by Bob and Bev
(Port Colborne, Ontario)

Turkey Vulture soaring overhead

Turkey Vulture soaring overhead

My wife and I take regular walks on Nickel Beach, Port Colbourne, Ontario. This morning, we observed 6 large birds, 2 of them eating a dead fish, near the waterline ..... the others airborne.

With very strong winds from the south, the birds took flight and soared above us for about 20-30 minutes. We now believe they were Turkey Vultures because of the dark/light patterns on the underside of their wings, almost exactly like one of the pictures in the Turkey Vulture selection on this site ... though the birds we saw didn't appear to have the red heads.

Sorry ..... no pictures of our own to post here. Beautiful creatures.

Thanks for your submission to our website, Bob & Bev, it is nice to get reports of wild birds that are thriving in Ontario

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by: Beach lover

Yes, there definitely an Eagle who calls its home on the shores of Lake Erie close to Nickel Beach. And it is a beautiful sight to see. The first time i spotted it (3 years ago) I thought it was a Turkey Vulture soaring above (which are very common to see), then much to my absolute thrill I realized it was an eagle! Every beach visit I hope for a soaring glimpse of my eagle and I am usually not disappointed. One hot day this past July my eagle flew by 3 or 4 times and pretty low at one point. I could see its head scanning from side to side, as I called out hello and waved! Often I am alerted by the seagulls when the eagle is approaching because they will instantly and in sync lift off the beach and fly over the water when the eagle is overhead. Once the eagle passes by the seagulls will return to the beach! I feel blessed to have finally seen an eagle in all its beauty!

Eagle on Nickel Beach
by: Jackie

I would like to add that my partner and I saw an Eagle flying over Nickel Beach yesterday - Tuesday, 17 January 2012.

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