Turkey Vultures in Etobicoke

by Sarah Galvez
(Sighted at Islington and Gergamot)

Turkey Vulture soaring

Turkey Vulture soaring

Today is Tuesday July 5 2016, at about 9 am today my family and myself were very surprise to see two Vultures flying in front of my building.

I live at Islington and Bergamot.

I know there is a Peregrine Falcon nearby and I thought that is what we saw, but then I saw the red head and how big they were (amazingly big) they were gliding in the sky.

I think it was a pair, and one was bigger then the other one.

Behind my house there are woods and a ravine and lots of small animals.

It was great to know that we have these great animals in our city, i hope this helps.

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