Turkey Vultures from Windsor to Ottawa

by Jeff, Dave J, Barbara, Tanmay G, Carmel M, Adam J L, June, John D, Deanne, Dave, John G, Myke
(Waterloo, Windsor, North Lunenburg, North York, Oakville, Brampton, Barrie, Toronto, Goderich, Windsor, Ottawa, Muskoka)

Turkey Vulture in flight

Turkey Vulture in flight

Jeff from Waterloo told us ... behind the Costco in Waterloo I was walking and saw 3 large birds sitting on the electrical tower. I got close and could see they were Vultures. As I got close one flew of the tower and circled around. He banged on the tower with his talons and the three took off and settled on a ridge. This was a few days ago. I saw the one again today gliding so gracefully. I can't attach images or video, my phone wont let me.

Dave J from Windsor, Ontario, wrote to say ... Looks like a pair at first sighting on edge of building, on the Detroit River at the mouth to Lake St Clair, later they were floating between buildings and Peche island. Tuesday, today still here, so that makes 4 days. There is also an Bald Eagle family in the area as well.

Barbara from North Lunenburg, Ontario, wrote to say ... we have 8 to 10 every spring that come to roost at various times of the day on our barn roof. As we start moving into summer, one pair remain and we believe that the female lays her egg in the attic section of our barn. She is seen almost daily sitting at the top opening or on occasion she has even flown out when we have gone into the bottom section of the barn. They are amazing birds - I love to watch them in the early morning as they spread their wings to gather the heat of the sun.

Tanmay G from North York wrote to say ... I spotted a large black bird with a distinct red head glide past our office building during the morning meeting a short while ago. I looked it up online and there was just the one bird that matched the description (which eventually got me to this site as well). Pretty neat seeing such large birds inhabit the cities. Not a common site back in India where I come from. Speaks volumes about the tree cover of Toronto and GTA in general. Unfortunately, don't have a pic cause it was all so sudden.

Carmel M reported this sighting ... I saw two Turkey Vultures huddling together on a branch at the top of a white spruce pine, at Upper Middle Road. E. / Morrison Creek in Oakville, Ontario. This was last July 24th. I took a photo but is at a distance.

Adam JL from Brampton reported ... my kids and I were out playing when I saw what I initially took for a hawk. However, the red featherless head and grey tops on the underside. The sighting was on July 29 at 10am, in Brampton, Ontario, Peel Region. The exact location was near the intersection of Eastbourne Drive and Balmoral Drive, a definitely suburban area of apartments, strip mall, parking lots and some landscaped green space.

June from Barrie, Ontario, wrote to report ... I saw a Turkey Vulture today around 12:15 p.m. at the edge of a field on the 20th side road just north of Mapleview drive between Barrie and Innisfil, Ontario. I had to do a double take as I have not seen this bird before, but it was the dark feathers and red head that caught my attention. It certainly was a sight to behold as it took flight.

John D from Toronto said ... I saw what I'm sure, were two Turkey Vultures this morning sitting on the roof of a neighbours home, until they flew off into the Don Valley. Huge birds, 5 - 6 foot wingspan. I live in Toronto, near St.Clair Ave. E. & O'Connor Drive. Side story: As I was leaving the area, a man came out of his house and approached me. He told me that two nights earlier he had let his small dog out into his backyard, and a coyote grabbed the dog and ran off with it. The following day he saw what appeared to be two Turkey Vultures circling nearby, so he went down into the nearby valley but could not find any sign of his dog or anything the vultures might be interested in. Would Turkey Vultures eat a dead dog?

Yes, they would eat the remains of a dead dog, they are Mother Nature's clean-up crew.

Deanne from Toronto wrote ... I live in the Eglinton Avenue and Allen Road area and we see these birds a few times a year. Sometimes up to 40 or 50 at a time. It is an amazing sight.

Dave from Goderich wrote ... this morning, July 5th, we spotted 8 turkey vultures soaring above and perching in trees along the Maitland River north of Goderich.

John G from Windsor said ... I work on Twin Oaks Drive in Windsor, Ontario. It has been home to at least 8 Turkey Vultures for the past decade. They go away for 6 months or so, then reappear in the spring. They use my company's roof as a home base.

Myke from Ottawa wrote to say ... I have two in my backyard. Ottawa area (Carlsbad Springs) first seen May 3rd 2018.

From North Muskoka one of our readers said ... a solitary Turkey Vulture landed on a highway guard rail post along Limberlost Road aka MR 8. It's the first time I have ever seen a Turkey Vulture this far north. Size and distinctive red bald head were unmistakable.

Thank you all for sending this information about your sightings of Turkey Vultures!

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