Turkey Vultures around Southern Ontario

by Jesse, Catherine, Edward,
(Hamilton, Owen Sound, Markham, Ajax)

I saw a group of 20-30 Turkey Vultures flying over Hamilton, Ontario, in March, what a beautiful sight!

A reader from Grey County wrote to tell us ..... (late May 2012 in the late morning), driving just south of Owen Sound, Ontario (near Chatsworth) I spotted a couple of Turkey Vultures. One was working on a large raccoon by the side of the road. Quite a feast for the lone Vulture.

Catherine Davis wrote to tell us ..... I was talking to a man, a patient at Markham Stouffville hospital who said he saw two Turkey Vultures around the hospitalon June 12 2013. He told me that he knew what they were because he saw one just north of Barrie, 33 years ago. He seemed to clearly understand birds and wildlife around Ontario, as he is a hunter.

Edward Ali from Ajax, Ontario, wrote to tell us of his sighting of Turkey Vulture ..... It was 10:00 am on July 1st 2013 Canada Day. A fitting day to see a Turkey Vulture sitting in the Costco parking lot located in the corner of Salem and Highway 2 in Ajax, Ontario. There is a new Buffalo Wings restaurant open beside the Costco parking lot. It looks like some folks threw chicken wings all over the ground in the parking lot and it attracted the Vulture. Quite majestic and the Vulture commanded respect from all the other birds such as the seagulls who avoiding confrontation by remaining on the other side of the parking lot. This was at
150 Kingston Rd East, Ajax, Ontario.

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