Turkey Vulture

by Bernard S
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

My home backs on to the east side of the East Don Ravine, just north of Finch Avenue (Pineway Blvd).

Yesterday morning as I opened my bedroom blinds I was surprised to see a huge bird perching on a high branch of a tree at the back of the property.

My first thought was a hawk but it seemed too large and dark. Binoculars confirmed my guess, the red beak ending in white, shape of the head.

I have lived and walked this ravine for the last 30 years and it is the first time I have seen a Turkey Vulture here. There are hawks making lazy circles in the sky.

I did take a few pictures but he was too far for my zoom to pick up details.

When we first moved here there were Peacocks preening in the backyard. Haven't seen them in years.

What has been new in the last ten or so years are the deer, six in my and my neighbors backyard early morning last week.

Lots of rabbits, occasionally see Red Fox, heard Coyotes but not of late.

But I digress from raptors.

What do they eat?

This vulture ignored a black squirrel running the branches around.

Maybe the Vulture was digesting a meal because he stayed in the same position for about 20 to 25 minutes despite the wind whipping his feathers.

It seemed to be preening.

Thank you so much for telling us about your Vulture sighting. Vultures are carrion eaters and don't hunt for themselves - they do enjoy roadkill and finishing off the carcasses of prey that other animals have killed.

The bird you saw was likely waiting patiently for a car to dispatch a rabbit or squirrel, and when things got quiet, he'd start on his next meal!

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Turkey Vultures
by: Samantha

I live in south west Scarborough. I was sitting outside the other day when I saw 4 dark, massive birds soaring. I have seen many hawks over the years but I couldn't figure out what they were. They barely flapped their wings. I could see that they had a dark belly and the wing tips lightened. Still amazed that I had a sighting as I have always wanted to! Makes me wonder how many times I have unknowingly seen them.

by: Miro

I did not think they would go as far as Toronto.
There are many of them in Niagara region. Specifically in Grimsby, Ontario. They eat small animals, rodents, rabbits, but only dead ones. They do not kill the prey as Hawks or Eagles do.

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