Turkey Vulture sighting

by Jane Ingravalle
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Sitting in a doctor's office at Sherbourne and Bloor in Toronto Ontario which is downtown and saw this incredible sight of two Turkey Vultures soaring in the sky from the window!

Occasionally they would swoop down and circle around the buildings in the area, and then one or both would land on the corner of an office building across the street.

When in flight they would soar without barely flapping their wings. The looked like small airplanes!

This was yesterday April 11th 2011. They were in the same place a few years ago, and always went to the same building when landing. I was wondering if they have a nest there?

I would not want to approach such a bird even though I own a Blue-Fronted Amazon!

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These birds seem to have found a forever home
by: James W

I first spotted this family of Vultures about four years ago, and I've seen them in the same area every year since. They love to roost on that third floor tier of the Arcturus building. This morning one was sunning his wings. The span was easily 5 feet. Can you imagine how cool it must be to work in that office and have regular up-close observation of these guys? They seem to like their own reflections in the mirrored glass windows; I have often seen one or the other peering at himself.

Two Turkey Vultures at Bloor & Sherbourne
by: Paula

I was on a conference call this afternoon and my colleague tells me to turn around to see two Turkey Vultures land on the roof outside my office window. They didn't stay long, but it was incredible to see as I've never seen any in Toronto before.

Turkey Vultures at Bloor/Sherbourne
by: Anonymous

Yes, there is a Turkey Vulture nest in the Bloor / Sherbourne area on top of the Arcturus building.
There seems to be a pair that have a nest. I see them most mornings on my drive into work surveying all that is theirs.

Turkey Vulture Yonge and Sheppard, Toronto
by: Anonymous

I saw one of the Turkey Vultures yesterday in the yard at my kid's school near Yonge and Sheppard. The bird landed in the yard to drink from a large puddle. My daughter yelled "Its got a red comb on its head like a Turkey!" But this "Turkey" had a 10 ft wingspan and a pretty sharp beak!

Thanks for my morning chuckle - yes, that's a big "Turkey" - thankfully, they do not hunt, and just clean up what is already dead - the kill of other animals and road-kill.

Thanks for sending this to us!

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