Tundra Swans February 2012

by Barbie
(Discover-Southern-Ontario Webmistress)

Lake Erie Tundras with Long Point in the distance

Lake Erie Tundras with Long Point in the distance

On February 19th 2012, my family and I were driving along the back roads from St Thomas to Port Dover, Ontario, and were driving along the edge of Lake Erie, where possible, when we sighted a flock of Tundra Swans in the water just outside Port Rowan.

I would estimate there were around 80 birds at the edge of the water, and there were several people in cars who had stopped to see them.

Normally, the Tundra Swans migrate through this area during the early part of March, so they are early this year, which means they should arrive at their breeding grounds in the Arctic sooner than normal, providing they don't come across any severe weather on their way north.

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