Tundra Swan Sightings March 2 2012

by David and Janis Leslie & Susan Harper
(Westover and London, Ontario)

Two of our readers wrote to us today to tell us about their Tundra Swan sightings.

David & Janice said ..... We live in the small hamlet of Westover (43 degrees N and 80 degrees W) between Dundas and Cambridge, Ontario. We just came back from a walk and saw 2 large (25+) flocks (or is it gaggles) of Tundra Swans heading from east to west.

Susan Harper, of London Ontario, tells us of her sighting today ..... Several large formations of Swans flew high over North West London this morning headed West. I estimate 150-200 birds in total.

Thanks you for letting us know that the Tundras are on the move and are heading through our area!

BTW, its Flocks of Swans either on the ground or in flight, but when they are in flight, they can also be a Wedge of Swans!

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