Truly blessed

by Colleen
(Brighton, Ontario, Canada)

Recently my husband and I were lucky enough to purchase 40 acres north of the 401 just a few kilometers from the small community of Brighton, Ontario.

One day on our daily trips out to the property we were lucky enough to have witnessed two Wolves run across the road in front of us. I say that we were lucky because I know how rare it is these days to be able to experience seeing such sights.

Unfortunately the only time wildlife seems to present itself lately is usually in the form of road kill, or at the end of some hunters rifle.

It irritates me to no end how people panic when they happen to come across a Wolf, or Coyote.

How brazen of an animal to be trying to survive in its natural habitat!

Instead of trying to rid these creatures from our lives, why don't we try to embrace the fact that we share this planet.

My husband and I are looking forward to seeing more wildlife on the property we purchased and when we do we will know how truly blessed we are.

Hopefully in return, these creatures will come to realize that they at least, have a safe haven within those 40 acres.

Thank you for telling us about your experience! I will also post this on our facebook page.


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Truly Blessed
by: Anonymous

I agree 100% it is beautiful to see wildlife. They build like crazy ruining forests and wonder why they come into the city. To look for food that builders took away. I have never seen a wolf but can't wait for the day that I do, hopefully I have my camera with me. Its too bad more people can't see the beauty of wildlife and learn to share this land with them.

We should daily count our blessings
by: Pat Trenton, On

Hi Colleen
You and your husband witness to the beauty of these two wolves running free, will be a memory you will both carry with you forever. People on this planet we call Earth have to start to realize we do not own this planet, but share it with all other living creatures. And for mankind to finally understand that these creatures have the same rights as we do to share it. All creatures regardless of their size, beauty or strength not only have the right to live here with us, but like us they also have that WANT in each of them to live. What gives man the right to take this away from them.

The wolf is one of the most beautiful of Canada's wildlife and to see two in their own habitat, safe and living as they should would be in my own words MAGIC.

I wish you and your husband many more times of seeing these wolves and more wildlife as you explore your property.

Bless you both - Pat

Truly Blessed
by: Mary Lynn

Thank heavens someone really cares and loves these beautiful creatures. I am so sick of people ¨crying wolf¨.

You would think they could get past the fairy stories.

Truly blessed
by: Alexis

I agree will you 100% Colleen.

In a farmers field near the Rouge behind our house in Markham, we use to listen nightly to the howl of the Coyotes gathering for their hunt and occasionally see a Coyote on our street in our car headlights.

Now 28 years later I look out on to a sea of brick houses with postage stamp backyards on property far too small for the homes built on them.

All the mature trees have been bulldozed and in their place a few trees not as tall as me have been planted, which will take decades to mature.

We've removed their forests and their food source and wonder why we are now see them in our cities.

Good plan
by: chris

I hope the readers will connect with your philosophy. Maybe then we all can start to realize what we are jeopardizing by our intrusion.

Hallelujah Sister !
by: n0va59

Couldn't have said it better myself.... I've had to bite my tongue at times... so glad to see your experience and how amazing to see the wolves... lucky you... lucky wolves :)

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