Trent River Owl

by Mrs Heidi McKnight
(Hastings, Ontario, Canada)

I live in the village of Hastings, just about 1/2 hour east of Peterborough, Ontario.

My property is on the Trent River just west of the village.

On Friday November 24 2017, just around 4 pm ... dusk, I looked out the window and saw a large white bird land on a bench at the end of my dock.

It was almost pure white and quite big. It sat there for about 10 minutes, turning it's head and looking around.

I took a photo with my phone, but didn't want to risk scaring it away by trying to get closer, so the photo is grainy and not very clear.

I was thrilled to see this beautiful bird.

I assume it may have been a Snowy Owl?

Thank you for sending this to us, it sure looks like a Snowy Owl, but it is difficult to tell - one of our keen eyed readers may know!

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