Tortoise spotted in Dundas, Ontario

by Mandy S
(Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)

I was walking with my brother on the "rail trail" in western Hamilton near Dundas, Ontario, and came across a beautiful animal.

We were on our way to the store and it was around 8:30, or 9 pm. This was at the end of June, so just getting dark.

We went on our way, but she hadn't moved from where we spotted her, and I'm saying her because we were pretty sure she was laying eggs.

She was off to the side of the path, and appeared to be digging a hole with her back legs. It was an amazing sight!

I was lucky enough to get some photos of this gorgeous animal.

Thanks for your report and picture, Mandy, I think this must be one of the Turtles found across Ontario, but I can't tell which species it is.

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by: Anonymous

That's a Snapping Turtle, not a tortoise.

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