Toronto Opossum Sighting (Broadview Avenue)

by Tarquinius Davidson
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Opossum Sighing at 737 Braodiew Ave.

Opossum Sighing at 737 Braodiew Ave.

Today while walking our dog we discovered an Opossum!

We found it in a very odd place. The opossum was hiding under a green box on the front steps of a flower shop.

My Mom noticed it first. She squealed and ran away with the dog. She was scared that the possum would attack our Yorkshire Terrier who is only 4 pounds.

But the Opossum did not move towards us or at all. I think he was also scared.

I was curious to know more about the possum and how (s)he ended up hanging out at a flower shop at 8:30 in the morning on a Sunday on Broadview Ave.

My Mom suspects he was lost and that (s)he normally lives in the Don Valley.

I took the picture (attahed) that’s my shadow in the window. I also took a video which is on my Mom’s phone.

As you can see from the picture, the Opossum has some very unique features. Such as…
1. Black on his ears.
2. Yellowish tail.
3. White and black fur.
4. A long face and a pink nose.
5. Black eyes.
6. Approximately 12-15 pounds.

Discovery Location (where and when)
1. 737 Broadview Avenue (east side)
2. Toronto, Ontario
3. Close proximity to Don Valley
4. Sunday, May 29, 2016 at 8:30 in the morning.

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We've seen them twice!
by: Anonymous

We live on Broadview, north of Queen Street. For the past couple weeks, we've seen 2 possums in our backyard. I just saw one. I wonder why there are too many in the neighborhood or is it all over the place in Ontario?

They seem to be surviving our cold winters and breeding successfully here, so lots of people are seeing them for the first time.

I saw one in the same area
by: Anonymous

In my backyard around Gerrard and Broadview. Same size.

Family of four in East York
by: Tom

We have just watched a family of four (MOTHER AND THREE young ones) walking along the telephone wires at the rear of the house. We are located at Coxwell and Mortimer. The time was around nine pm on June 29th.

He was hiding from you
by: Anonymous

That's very cool. I found one in my yard passed out and I thought it was dead but it was gone the next morning and I'm at Danforth and Warden. They are coming here from the US by way of hitchhiking on the under side of cars. They are not native to Canada but, will be because a lot of people have spotted them all over Ontario. They are nocturnal and the one you saw was probably just finishing up a nights prowl in garbage cans and was caught off guard when you passed him so he scooted into the closest place to hide. They are pretty passive as long as you don't bother them but they do have big teeth.

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