Toronto Area Possums

One of our readers sent us this picture ... Our possum visits most nights walking across the back fence.

Another reader wrote ... An opossum came to visit to our Etobicoke backyard about 10:00 a.m. this morning. It wandered into our forsythia bush and then trundled away.

A reader from Oakville said ... Saw an opossum around 11:00 pm in the backyard in Oakville, Ontario.

Anna wrote to say ... I found one sleeping on the garage floor in East York / East of Downtown Toronto.

Dennis from Oakville wrote ... I saw a possum in my backyard in Oakville where we back on to the 16 mile creek ravine across from Glen Abbey golf course. It was 10 feet away and was competing with a racoon for food from (let's call it a protein spill). It hissed at the coon which was 3 times it's size and the coon backed off. Too dark for a pic so I set up an infrared game camera. Hopefully it returns for some pics! So far I have seen: coywolf, fox, mink, rats, skunks, rabbits, chipmunks, squirrels, possum and dozens of birds including seeing kills by a red shoulder hawk and a cooper's hawk!. I love my little oasis here. I sure hope they don't develop the golf course even though it's chilling to hear the coywolves slaughter the geese at night.

Paul wrote to report ... We have had numerous sightings in the Cawthra / Bloor area in Mississauga. We have seen them on are street quite often,our neighbours are also asking me what they are and describing them.They are mostly seen during the day, I guess soaking up the sun, and catching field mice from our adjacent park and eating bird seeds.

Jess from Brampton said ... Saw a possum as I pulled into my driveway in Brampton at 11 pm freaked me the hell out, I thought it was a huge rat!

A reader told us about their possum sighting ... The one I saw was the size of a large cat (small dog) off-white in colour roaming in our backyard trying to get out through an opening in the fence. I have never seen something like that before, however, I don't get out in the backyard during the nighttime. We have a dog which spend a lot of his time in the backyard. Luckily he was not this morning, otherwise it would have been a problem. This moves very slowly and I am sure the dog will catch up with it quickly. It was an interesting sight and did not know what it was. Today was the garbage pick up day and I think it was out for food.

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