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by A Hunter
(Aylmer Area, Ontario, Canada)

"In early February 2009, on County Road 52, between Aylmer and Springfield, Ontario, I spotted a large, wolf-like animal running along the side of the road beside the snow-drifts - I'm not sure if this was a Coyote or not, but it was being chased by two large dogs, so I hope it got away.

There was nowhere for the animal to run to get off the road, until it came to a gap in the snow, when it bounded through the space and leaped over the snowdrift, and headed for the woodland nearby!"

That was a Coyote you saw. I live on County Road 52 (Ron McNeil Line) west of Aylmer and have Foxhounds. They are bred to track and hunt Coyotes. Chances are those were my dogs or my friend's because that is our hunting territory.

Thanks for mentioning that it was probably a Coyote - I know there are no Wolves in this area, but the markings were more Wolf-like, than Coyote-like, and I also like to encourage our readers, such as yourself, to write in with their information.

I will also post this on our facebook page.

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