The Red Tailed Hawk

by Bev, Elaine
(Toronto, Adolphustown, Nova Scotia)

Several of our readers have told us about their recent sightings of Red Tailed Hawks.

Elaine from Toronto reports ..... I was camping, setting up my tent, then I looked up. I saw a Red Tailed Hawk soaring across the sky. "Is that an eagle or a bat?" A kid asked me. "No, that is a hawk. A Red Tailed Hawk." I replied. And that was my first sighting of a bird of prey.

Bev wrote to say ..... My husband and I were on our way home from Kingston, driving west on Loyalist Parkway (Hwy. 33) in Adolphustown (part of greater Napanee) when directly in front of the car, and a few metres above it, a Red Tailed Hawk flew by with a black squirrel in its talons. While startling initially, and feeling very sad for the poor squirrel, one can't help feeling in awe of these beautiful raptors. I do however feel relived it wasn't one of the squirrels in our backyard. We know those little guys quite well now!

A reader said ..... Spotted a Red Tailed Hawk, between Steeles and #5 Side Road Georgetown South. December 3, 2014

One of our readers wrote to report ..... Driving between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick this week....a Red Tailed Hawk narrowly missed my windshield. I didn't know there was such a thing but described the hawk to my husband and we searched on-line and sure enough...I saw either three of them or three sightings of the same hawk on the Cobequid Pass in Nova Scotia. Beautiful birds! Unable to get pictures as I was driving.

Picture of Red Tailed Hawk is courtesy of Dreamstime
and Dennis Workman

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Red Tailed Hawk
by: Sharon

Yesterday while riding my bike on the bike trails through Thomson park (Scarborough) I spotted a pair of Red Tailed Hawks hunting from some tall trees. The tall grass had just been mowed so my guess is that they could see rodents easily. I went home and looked them up in my Roger Peterson field guide. This is the most thrilling sighting for me yet this year as an amateur bird watcher.

Red-tailed Hawk
by: Anonymous

I see a pair every day at lunch and dinner time - mine and theirs. Fabulous pic of the hawk!

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