The Possums of Summer

by Jill, Mark, Sara, Marion, Elizabeth, Pam, Greg, Dave, Miriam, Brendan
(Markdale, High Park, Dundas, Caledon, Aurora, Etobicoke, Riverdale, Downsview area, Scarborough, Toronto)

This past summer we received many reports of Possum sightings ... here they are!

In May, Jill from Markdale said ... I saw a Turkey Vulture on the road. It was scavenging on a dead Possum that had obviously been hit by a car. Having never seen one before, only an Australia Possum, I thought it was much bigger than I had imagined. This was Hwy 4 approximately 10 kms West from Markdale, Ontario.

In June, Mark from High Park, Toronto said ... Our Dachshund discovered a Possum in our backyard tonight!! I went out to flash my flashlight and sure enough, there it was in the corner. If I spot him again, I will snap a photo for everyone to see.

Sara H from Dundas said .. I was thrilled to see a beautiful possum in my front garden one evening, extra special as it was my birthday! I saw the cats staring at something and there going up our walk was a gorgeous Possum. She looked in good condition and was making some faint clicking sounds. I also saw her a few night later in our back garden snacking on some bird seed, so happy to see them back in or area.

Marion J from Caledon reported ... We spotted an Opossum in our back yard. It was walking with a limp. It went to the food that we had put out for a stray cat. I haven't seen the cat for a few days but thought it was still around as the food was being eaten. Maybe the Opossum has been eating it.

A reader from Aurora, Ontario said ... on June 11 2016 I was driving home from celebrating daughter-in-laws 45th birthday. Out of the park it came right in front of the car, this white long nose, rat like tail, as big as a Raccoon animal.

Elizabeth, from Etobicoke said ... Since our neighbour provides food for cats in her garage sometimes we see the Raccoons coming for supper. Last Saturday around 9:00 pm came another guest, almost white,
the size of a big cat with a long, rat-like tail. We haven't seen Opossums here for a long time.

On June 13 a reader wrote to report ... Just saw one in our backyard in Riverdale in Toronto. The neighbour's cat was pretty interested but we headed off that confrontation until he slowly ambled away.

A reader from South Etobicoke said ... I have seen them a few times but tonight saw one from about 4 feet. I usually shine a flashlight in my backyard before letting the dog out. Shone the light right in his face, he stood motionless until I moved the light and then he moved on his way.

Pat M wrote to say ... I just saw one, grey in colour with a very long tail and a pointy face in the Downsview area north of Grandravine in the Keele / Sheppard area, crossing a side street heading towards someone's backyard.

Greg M from Scarborough, Ontario said ... I just sat here and watched a adult Possum stroll across our backyard. Near Victoria Park and Huntingwood. This was June 17th 2016 at about 21:15.

Dave from Toronto told us about the Possums in his backyard ... Two possums at Yonge and Lawrence. I had no idea what it was, but my wife figured it out and when I googled Possums the website photos confirmed.

Miriam said ... Last night I saw this creature smaller than a raccoon, bigger then a rat. It had an elongated face sharp tail. I live in Scarborough and was surprised to see that it was a possum.

Brendan Murphy wrote to say ... I was sitting on my front porch reading a book at 9:15 pm, when a Possum appears along the side. Gave me the once over and headed back towards our back yard. It looked healthy and full grown, but it was gone when I returned with camera/ phone. I have seen dead ones before at Warden & St. Clair but never a live one here in the Beach. This was June 27th, 2016.

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