The Migrating Tundra Swans

by April, John & Kim, K Smith, Eva, Don, Karen, Emily, Joan
(Paris, Dorchester, Dundas, Oro-Medonte, Oakville, Milton, Richmond, Cambridge )

April from Paris, Ontario reported ... My husband and I saw massive white birds flying overhead on a bike ride near Paris, Ontario on March 24th. I haven’t ever seen a bird as big as a heron but all white before! Then once we were paying attention we noticed all of the small ponds in the farmers fields had large groups 40+ of these birds hanging about. It was very cool. Incidentally they were flying faster than we were biking and we had an average speed of 20km/h!!

John & Kim wrote ... Walking around in Dorchester, Ontario today, March 10, 2021 and saw a very large V of Tundra Swans flying in a westerly direction.

K Smith reported on March 10th ... We saw 2 large flocks this morning. One flock had approximately 80 birds and the other about 40. A beautiful sight!

Eva said ... Two beautiful tundra swans in the nearby wetland ... flew off together after a long taxi.

Don from Oakville wrote ... This morning, March 3rs, walking along a lakeshore pathway in Oakville we saw about 20 tundra swans fly low overhead, calling as they headed west to...?

Karen from Milton said ... We were out on a drive just outside of Paris, Ontario the first weekend in March and we saw hundreds of swans in an old corn field. It was a once in a lifetime experience!

Emily from Richmond reported ... When arriving home in Richmond from London this morning I heard the distinct calls of the swans. I looked up in the cloudy sky & saw a small group of swans flying over. Their white silhouettes dotting the cloudy sky is such an encouraging sign of spring being just around the corner :)

A reader wrote ... we saw 2 dozen in a corn field on the east side of highway 10 south of Caledon Ontario on March 15 about 3 o'clock.

Joan from Cambridge said ... Do the swans migrate a different route when they head south? I DO NOT see anything about late fall when they would be heading south.

Thank you all for telling us about your Tundra Swan sightings, it is very interesting to hear where the swans are travelling through on their spring migration.

Joan, I believe that the return migration in the fall takes a different route as the swans head back to their wintering grounds in Chesapeake Bay, Maryland.

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