The Eagles of Fall 2016

by Ray, Chris, Fred, Dave & Lorna, Richard, Ryan, Wilma, Diana, Tom, Fresh, Michael, Liz, Jacquiline,
(Toronto, Burks Falls, Peterborough, Etobicoke, Shuswap, Norwich, Thorold, Boblo Island, Arthur, Belwood, Hidden Valley, Mississauga, Belleville, Simcoe, Oakville)


Ray Leonard said ... We were golfing at the Summit golf club at Yonge St and Stouffville Rd north of Toronto and saw a Bald Eagle soaring overhead and gliding in the up drafts on a very warm day. We subsequently heard the Eagle or its mate calling with its distinctive screeching cry from the middle of.the woods on the golf course.

Chris said ... 2 adults, 2 Juveniles in Emsdale near Burks Falls. Incredible sighting, massive nest, a pleasure to witness.

Fred Doris from Peterborough said ... if you need one more reason to go outside and play it's because we see the odd BALD EAGLE. Just north of Lock 24 on the Trent Severn Waterway, sitting up in a dead tree this evening. One sitting and the other bird soaring over the Otonabee River I saw a pair of Eagles on my way out and in the same tree on my way back in to town on my wheels. I am not one to get off my bike because I do it for the speed and fitness. I made an exception this evening and stopped to gaze at it for a couple of minutes. I was about 10-12 meters away from it. Alas, no phone, so no picture but it had all the same characteristics as the Eagles that our family had seen while in coastal BC and Alaska a few years ago. I yelled out the sighting to many other bikers approaching me but I have no idea whether any of them heard what I was saying. 'Did he say "There's a beagle sitting up in a tree?" ;-))

Dave and Lorna Draper said On September 4 2016 at 12:30 pm spotted one adult Bald Eagle flying over Bloor and Islington in Etobicoke, Ontario. He was flying east.

Richard West of Shuswap, Ontario said ... Two sightings of a Bald Eagle on West Arm of Lake near Shuswap. The first, afternoon time, the Eagle flew from tree to tree, then out of sight. The second, it flew low down the lake going South. Both occurred in late August 2016. A lso saw a young bird, no white head or tail, high in a tree. It flew away in same direction as the first adult sighting.

Ryan Ouellette Wednesday September 7,2016 saw a bald eagle on my way to work. 7:07am north of Norwich on highway 59 between Burt buddings gas bar and Oxford road 14 . West side of the road, he was on the shoulder eating something. Just looked at me as I drove by. Didn't hesitate as I drove by.

Wilma Brown said ... My son and I were driving on the 406 between Thorold and Fonthill when he pointed and said "Look Mom an American Eagle" ... I slowed down to watch in amazement, he was beautiful. But now doing my research when I got home I am thinking it may have been a Bald Eagle. We definitely do live in an amazing area!

Diana Pearson said ... My husband and I live on Boblo Island, across the Detroit River from Amherstburg, Ontario. We have a Bald Eagle pair who have a huge nest that we see outside our dining room window. We moved here in February 2016 and see them flying around several times a day. In fact they like to perch during the day on top a large oak in front of our home. This year they raised a chick, which we were so happy to see grow big and strong and become larger than it's parents. To see these majestic birds among the wildlife here on Boblo Island is such an amazing sight, we will never tire from.


Tom Bedo from Arthur, Ontario wrote ... I was just driving home today Ocober 12,2016. Heading North out of Arthur on Wellington road 14, I witnessed a large bird with a white head and brown body flying overhead. It looked like a Bald Eagle, but I didn't think there were any in this area. A quick google search confirmed my suspicions. I do now strongly believe the bird I saw was in fact a Bald Eagle. If anyone else has had a similar sighting in this area or if maybe you know of a similar looking bird found in this area I would like to know. Thanks.

One of our readers said ... It's December 13, 2016 and I just had my first Bald Eagle sighting. We are located in Belwood, Ontario (just 30 mins northeast of Guelph). I have never seen one in the wild,so it was quite a morning treat. We just got 15 cm of snow on the weekend and its minus 6 degrees Celsius with windchill. Unfortunately I never had a chance to take a photo.

Fresh says ... While driving home today near Hidden Valley at Highway 60 near Huntsville, I saw a Bald Eagle sitting high on a tree. I was travelling east at 80 KM/H so my sighting was limited. This is the second time in a few weeks I have seen this bird, the first time it had swooped across the road. I was surprised at the enormity of the wingspan, but I wasn't certain what type of bird I had seen, until today.

Michael Franklin of Mississauga wrote to report ... On December 23, 2016 I saw a Bald Eagle flying over Jack Darling Park! This is the second Bald Eagle I have seen this year over Jack Darling Park. In the summer one flew 25 feet overhead as I walked my dog at the leash free park there!

Liz Corbett said ... I have lived here on the north edge of Thurlow ward / City of Belleville for 16 years, and just saw a Bald Eagle hovering over the tree line at the back edge of our property. I quite often see Red Tailed hawks or Turkey Vultures hovering in the same area, but I knew this was way bigger! I grabbed the binoculars and could see the distinctive white head. So exciting!

Jacquiline from Simcoe wrote ... It was Boxing Day, 2016 – I heard black crows cackling at the tree outside my house (which backs onto the Wellington Park) at approximately 1 pm in the afternoon. I looked up to find a beautiful Bald Eagle perched high on the tree. He stayed there for approximately 1.5 hours. What a delight! That was my Christmas present. They are beautiful creatures. Unfortunately, my sister has the pictures on her camera. I will try to have her upload them and add to this post.

One of our readers said ... I was driving over the Glen Abbey Golf Course on Uppermiddle just west of Neyagawa Blvd and saw one flying on the North Side. I turned my car around and parked on the side of the road to pull out my camera to get a photo. I approached behind the bird about 50 - 75 feet away as it was posted on a tree. I went to snap a photo with my camera and it dipped into the valley. Never knew that these birds were around the area in all my years of living and being around Oakville it was very exciting and hopefully I will be able to find the bird again to snap a photo for every one to see.

Thank you all for sending us your reports of your Eagle sightings, I'm sure our readers will enjoy them as much as we did!

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