The deep pitched howl of Wolves.

by Klara
(St. Thomas, Ontario)

Canadian Wolves

Canadian Wolves

Here is Klara's report of two encounters with Wolves in Elgin County, Ontario - thank you for sending this Klara!

A couple of times my mother and I have seen and heard Wolves in and around our area.

We have had close encounters too.

I was riding my bike on a country road beside the forest and from in the bush, out came a Wolf! I couldn't believe what I had seen!

It was a Wolf, but it didn't look like it was healthy, maybe that's why it was traveling alone. I am pretty sure it might have been sick.

My mother had a different story .... she was outside on our family porch at night sitting quietly, she heard little clicking on the pavement that sounded like our dog at the time, but then she realized it was this huge dog-like animal which she knew was a wolf!

Our two different stories both sounded the same with the same kind of encounter. I am sure there are wolves in Southern Ontario.

We know we hear Wolves howling because Wolves have a deeper pitch than Coyote, as Coyotes have sort of a yelping howl which we hear almost every night.

Sorry, both these encounters happened when we did not have camera or video.


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Payne’s Mills Howling
by: Anonymous

I am so excited right now I was sitting on my porch in Elgin County Payne’s Mills, Ontario, (just outside St Thomas) and heard a very deep howl. I know what coyotes sound like as we hear them all the time and I’m an avid hunter and outdoorsman and for the first time I’ve heard a wolf in a cornfield. Not just one but six, amazing!

Wolf sighting on Fifth Line Southwold Township
by: Philip Grass

My sister and I almost hit what at first we thought was a small deer because of how fast it was running. It was about to storm/rain and we wondered if that might have been why it was spooked into running in front of the van. It was very large looking even far out in the field as it ran very fast away. Definitely it was not a dog or Coyote.

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