The Circle of Life - at the bird feeder

by Kelly K
(Brooklin, Ontario, Canada)

Overcast skies and drizzle provided the perfect cover as a bird of prey swooped in and took out a fat, gentle, well-fed pigeon on a warm January morning in Brooklin, Ontario.

The scene was grizzly as sharp talons dug into tender flesh and a hooked beak flung feathers into the air.

The pigeon was immobilized but at the first easing of the hawk’s grip made a desperate attempt at escape.

They both landed in the pool. Perched on floating bits of ice, the pigeon tried desperately to keep his head above water, flapping and splashing in valiant struggle for survival. The hawk dunked his battered body, holding him until he stilled.

The raptor then dragged his prey over the side and could finally rest on the grass - posing in a victory stance, the talons of one foot resting on the head of his victim. His work done. Dinner served.

Is this a Cooper’s Hawk? He didn’t seem able to carry it off, does that mean he is young or is that typical?

Thank you for sending this to us.

I can only load four pictures so I hope you don't mind which four I chose.

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