That huge bird in Bradford

by New Bradford resident

Hey There, I was just looking up on Internet what that huge bird I just saw on the side of the road could be when I saw this post.....

I have just moved to Bradford, Ontario and as I was was driving home from work I saw this huge bird on the side of the road just walking alongside Holland Drive, not worried one bit of all the cars driving by....

I think it could be the same bird; looked like a giant Turkey, much bigger then a Canadian Goose and I have no idea if that thing can fly (it was just walking when I drove by) but his wings were so big on each side of his body that the tip was just hanging lower on each side as it walked.

I am wondering what it could be and was thinking maybe someone in the area is raising Turkeys and one got away or something, anyway, just wanted to add my post, if anyone knows what it is I am curious to find out..

Thanks !!

Hi there - thank you for writing to us, I put your submission where I think it will be read by more people.

At this time of year, what you saw might have been a wild Turkey. We live in St Thomas, and we see them often around here, just walking in the fields and lanes in the area.

Was the bird you saw a bronze-brown colour? If so it may have been a Turkey, and if it looked like a Turkey, but had a red head, then it might have been a Turkey Vulture.

Keep your camera handy, and if you get a picture of this bird, please send it in to us!

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