Swans in farmer's field on Concession Road 13

by Chris
(Simcoe, Ontario, Canada)

In early March my husband and I travelled to Long Point hoping to capture a glimpse of the Tundra Swans. We stopped at Big Creek and drove to the beach area of Long point and around Hastings Drive. We didn't see any swans; saw some Canadian Geese. Marsh area was quite build up so viewing wasn't the greatest.

I live in Simcoe and drive the back roads to Townsend to get to work. To my dismay on Monday March 14th on Concession Rd 13 heading into Townsend, just passed Villa Nova Road, I saw hundreds in a farmer's field, resting in a wheat field, on the north side of the road. I was amazed no one else has stopped to view these magnificent birds. Great viewing area; approximately 100 - 150 metres from the road. I took my husband with me this morning, Saturday and they are still there as of noon. This time I had binoculars and we would say saw approximately 100 swans.

My husband and I joked that we didn't have to travel very far to see this wonderful sight not far from home. They have been here at this location all Monday; and not sure how much longer they will be staying. Based on research that I read on the Long Point Wildlife site they are definitely resting and perhaps feeding on the adjacent corn field.

If you can provide me with some feedback if they stick to the same migration route; I will certainly head out to this location first than travelling the back roads to Long Point.

Sorry I didn't have a camera to upload any pictures. If they are around next weekend I will get my son to take some pictures; he is the photographer of the family with a better camera.

I'm sorry for the delay in publishing your report of your Tundra Swan sighting - I added a picture I found!

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