Swans flying over London, Ontario

by Barb from discover-southern-ontario.com
(St Thomas, Ontario, Canada)

Greetings - this is Barb (your web-mistress) here. Today, when I was at a Tim Horton's drive-through at the corner of Wonderland Road and Southdale Road, in London, when my daughter saw a large "V" formation of birds flying in a north-westerly direction.

I stopped the car and got out to take a better look. There were around 60 Tundra Swans flying fairly high, yet they were unmistakable because of their colour and their long necks.

They were not making a noise, but were just heading north on their way to the Arctic to breed for the summer.

They quickly passed overhead, without attracting any attention from other drivers and I silently wished them well on their long journey.

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