Stumbled upon your website

by Claudette

When searching for viewing

">Aurora Borealis in Southern Ontario, your site was on the first page. I heard from a co-worker who said she has seen them in St Thomas as a child and I couldn't believe it.

Now I hear the same from you!

I recently visited Norway and hoped to have a sighting. No luck.

I am on a mission and would love to see the lights. Maybe you can call me next time you see them?

I live in London & can easily drive out of town to make my dream come true!

After reading your "Aurora" section, I checked out the rest of your site & am amazed as to how thorough it is. Barb, you have made me proud to live in Southern Ontario.

I love your site & will bookmark it for future reference .... and pay it forward.

Keep up the wonderful work.

Wow, thank you for your glowing comments - I am so happy when people enjoy our website.

Yes, I have seen the Aurora Borealis from St Thomas, but only once in the thirty years I have lived here, but they are hauntingly beautiful.

I was also in Oslo, Norway, a couple of years ago with my Mother and my daughter - that sure is a lovely country, but we didn't see the Northern Lights either!

Keep looking for them, you may see them when you least expect them!

Meanwhile, please contact me by using the "Contact Us" form which is at the bottom of the navigation bar on the left, and send me your name and phone number .... if I spot the Aurora, I'll call you!

You wouldn't need to drive anywhere, unless there is a lot of background light where you live, as that is important to be able to see them, so you do need to be somewhere dark with no street lights.

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