Stouffville Coyote

by Tom Ritchuk
(Stouffville (Ballantrae), Ontario, Canada)



6:15 pm June 4th, 2010. I was walking my 2 dogs off leash in the York Regional Forest behind my home, on Aurora Sideroad / hwy 48.

My dogs, a 6 year old black Lab, Tobey and my 6 month old Golden Retriever, Amber. As I was walking along a trail, they were behind me and I heard a bark. I turned and as they looked into the woods I saw an adult Coyote.

Since they were off leash I was really concerned, especially for my little puppy. The Coyote didn't run, it stayed put about 30 ft away from us.

I threw a large piece of wood towards it but it moved maybe 10 feet. I called my dogs and leashed Amber. The Coyote was still about 30 feet away and watching. I threw another piece of wood towards it with the same results. I also howled at it. I then decided to head back home.

In my excitement I lost one of the dogs leashes, so I leashed my puppy. I wasn't too afraid for my 97 lb lab.

After walking about 300 metres and checking my backtrail, sure enough the Coyote was following us. I yelled and it went into the woods. We got home OK.

That's my second encounter. The last time was with my lab last October.

Watch your pets when in this area. By the way the Coyotes howl on cool clear evenings in the spring and fall, there are quite a few of them out there.

Thank you so much for this report of your sighting and for reminding our readers to take care of their pets when the Coyotes are around.

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